It is certainly unclear how this all started. It has been a process over the course of a year and half or so. The first time the name came up was during a summer class in 2009. I was advised that it would be one of the toughest subjects I would deal with. Intuition told me to avoid it since I did not want things to get tough. Nevertheless, that fall my studies proceeded and I got stuck with this subject in 2 courses. I found it to be interesting and intimidating especially since I remembered that summer before. I took my studies very serious. August 2010, I started graduate school. I was going to study neuroscience on the first day of class. The first semester went well nothing unusual. Made perfect grades but during the onset of the spring semester, things became clear: some unusual “attraction” became conscious to me. A very strong magnetic force transpired but it is from which this great passion started. I say passion because I have no actual exact word for it. I can not say that it is some sort of obsession or compulsion because I have thought analytically for days about what has articulated and become conscious. All I can simply say now is that it has become conscious which is more important than trying to describe as I will try to soon. This is the first part of what will be a story of mysticism and consciousness. It will be told in the way it has been perceived over the months.


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